Men Making Moves Mentoring Program

Men Making Moves Mentoring Program was organized to focus on the empowering boys & men of color initiatives realizing their full potential and make a positive impact in their lives through Education and Exposure. A unique series of enrichment and youth development while simultaneously providing them with skills that will enable them to achieve their dreams and become men of good character, men of value, men who are strong, responsible and productive.


The vision is to inspire our boys of color with skill development, talent recognition and cultivation. We look to build a relationship of honesty, support and encouragement between the mentor and mentee which builds a bridge that enables mentoring to inspire young boys to remain in school while engaging in them the idea of personal responsibility. 

Our Tutoring Program provides free academic help for the students during the school year.

The main goals of The Tutoring Program are to:
-Help students pass any district or state required standardized tests; improve their grades, and deepen their understanding of school subjects

-Create a small-group learning environment where caring adult volunteer’s help students build their self-esteem and realize the value of education and community involvement

-To be able provide each student that enroll into our program with a computer, which will allow them to continue to learn and study at home.


Providing underprivileged youth with an awareness of the world, while exposing them to opportunities beyond their neighborhood. We believe in providing an opportunity for youth to step outside of their comfort zone and explore new communities, cultures, and cuisines in an effort to gain a greater understanding of the world.

Our program goals for each student:

- Improved academic performance (usually defined through grades or standard test scores)
- Improved feelings of scholastic competence and confidence
- Improved relations with peers, teachers, and other school personnel
- Increased attendance and class participation
- Improved homework completion
- Reductions in classroom disruptions, fighting and other negative school         behavior
- Increased exploration of, or acceptance to, secondary education opportunities
- Improved career exploration


Mentoring Program:

Our main focuses are: 1) Helping young men realize their full potential; and 2) Making a positive impact in the lives of our future leaders. Through mentoring programs, economic empowerment, and leadership development, we plan to enable our youth to achieve their dreams and become men of good character, men of value, men who are strong, responsible and productive.