Joe's Championship Tournament

Saturday August 17, 2019

​Pro's vs Joe's Celebrity Game

​Sunday August 18, 2019


Eric Matthews Foundation Celebrity Flag Football Game is a 7 on 7 Tournament for adults only 21 and up. The Joes Tournament there will be a Seed Tournament which determine seeding in the Championship Tournament. Each team will get two possession to score. If there's a tie, each team gets one try from the 10 yard line to score. Team that win Seed Tournament will receive a first round bye in the Championship Tournament.​​ The winner of  the Championship will play in the Pros vs Joes Celebrity Flag Football Game.

In 2015 the Annual Celebrity Flag Football Game was created to bring awareness to the fight against Cancer as well as take the worries away of cancer patients battling cancer for a afternoon of football fun with former NFL Players and Celebrities. This football game is a charity game raising funds to benefit Hope Lodge and American Cancer Society.

2nd Annual

Sunday August, 2016 

Celebrity Players:

Packers Eric Matthews - Steelers Anthony Smith - Chargers Brandon Lang - Jaguars Julius Williams - Packers Perry Kemp - Falcons Ken Oxendine -  MLB Kenny Graham Jr. (Actor Survivor's Remorse Sir Brodie as "Pooke")

4th Annual /  2019

Championship General Rules
7-on-7, fourteen person roster
30 minute game, played over two 15 minute halves
Running clock, except for the final two minutes of the second half
Field divided into four 10-yard boxes, and first downs are awarded each time the offense reaches the next box
No blocking, kicking, or fumbles
Only one lateral allowed per play

Once the ball is snapped, the defense has to wait two seconds to rush, and the quarterback will have a total of four seconds to release the ball or cross the line of scrimmage
The quarterback cannot run unless rushed
The defense can blitz five times per half without waiting two seconds
All players are eligible downfield, except for the center
North/south handoffs not allowed but pitches and handoffs to east/west runners permitted

6 pts per TD 
Teams will have option based on distance to convert PATs of 5 yd line 1pt, 10 yd line 2pt or 15 yd line 3pt

Most penalties will not award yardage, but rather a free play or loss of down
Ball will generally go into play at the spot of the foul or the previous spot

Special Guest: 

Former Atlanta Falcons 

Roddy White

Atlanta Hope Lodge


1st Annual

Sunday August 24, 2015 

Celebrity Players:

Packers Eric Matthews - Browns James Mathis - Falcons Christopher Powell - Packers Perry Kemp - Falcons Ken Oxendine - Packers Walter Scott - Bears Todd Burks - Chiefs Sol Brannon - MLB Kenny Graham Jr. (Actor Survivor's Remorse Sir Brodie as "Pooke")

JOE'S Flag Football


3rd Annual

Sunday August 6, 2017 

Celebrity Players:

Packers Eric Matthews - Falcons Roddy White - Browns James Mathis - Steelers Anthony Smith - Chargers Brandon Lang - 49ers Walt Harris - Falcons Chris Draft - Packers Kennard Backman - Raiders Stefon Adams - Jaguars Julius Williams - Cowboys Synjyn Days - Seahawks Muhammad Modeen - Chargers Walter Dunson